Nature verses the local grocery...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall Trails; Seasons of Change

Fall is fast approaching. It's the saddest time of the year for me, thinking about all that cold sitting around the corner...waiting to descend on everything - including me!

So, I counteract this malaise by thinking SPRING thoughts.

-I am planting some Blackberry bush starts today that I received from a very kind and generous fellow 'chicken-tracker' from the Backyard Chickens forum. Thank you Russ!

-I found a nursery magazine - February, 1997 issue- where prices are ridiculously normal! (The "good-ole-days" are only a wisp of memory lately).

-I plan on digging my swimming suit out this afternoon...if I can remember where it lives since 1998 when it last endured chlorine water...

-And lastly, I peruse all my leftover chicken magazines...Murray McMurray, Cackle Hatchery and Backyard Chickens. I know, I know...people buy chicks in the SPRING! (My point, thank you!) Daydreaming is NOT overrated.

Ah yes, SPRING; all those little green things poking their stems out of the ground..birds rushing around putting their nests together with ANY little thing they can find that works.

Those big, puffy white clouds floating around with no particular plan in mind..watching the sun climb slowly higher on the horizon every morning..enjoying the increasing daylight moments.

What is your favorite season? Is it the quiet, cozy feel of winter, the rush of spring, the warm, balmy days of summer or the frantic, dying days of fall? We'd enjoy hearing your comments.

Remember to take Nature into your life; watch a sunrise over a lake, or a thunderstorm coming over the horizon; enjoy the geese as they fly their perfect "V's" overhead, take the time to watch a line of ants do their amazing work - with such a tiny brain, extend your hand for a weary butterfly.

Most of all, "feel" Nature as you walk through your garden or dash through a rain shower or shovel into a snowdrift. Keep Nature close to your heart, your soul - soak in her energy, balance, her beauty and strength.

Know and appreciate her seasons for the uniqueness they provide, the learning and lessons.

Nature prevails.