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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Memory Makers: Mother's Day Trail

We always receive the blessings we need - at the time we need them.

My friend phoned me a Mother's Day wish (I had forgotten the holiday), in one of her soft-spoken, Loving tones I so enjoy sharing. The conversation became philosophical - as it so often does with us; we spoke about 'Memory Moments'.

"As I've experienced life along the way, I find that I don't always realize I'm experiencing a 'Memory Moment' - until it's past.’That's the one', I realize down the road. So now I wonder at times, is this a "Memory Moment?"

I so hear her thoughts. I think maybe - if we wonder if any particular moment is a Memory Moment, it most likely is.

Memory Moments - make life bearable - even awesome at times. Think about it. When your child is 4 and asks; "Were you alive when the dinosaurs lived, Mom?"

And what about…-"Give Grandma the money!"

  • "Do they have gas stations in space, Mom?"
  • Watching my 6 week old chicks fly around their newly opened outdoor pen with unmitigated joy!
  • The day my foal took her first, few wobbly steps as her Mother nudged her flank with a worried brow.
  • Holding my husband's hand as he awoke from serious surgery, and smiled.
  • Watching the sun set through smoked filled clouds following a week long fire that came within a mile of my house.
  • That feeling in my bones as they handed me my new-born child.
  • The day the mold report came and stated our house was too moldy to inhabit.
  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "I Love you...anyway."
Last but not least..."Happy Mother's Day, Mom."

Count your Memory Moments; hoard them, dust them off regularly; they are food for your soul. Treasure them.

More importantly...propagate them freely. Life is short.

Especially on your...37th Mother's Day...

As always, Nature prevails.