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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Memory Makers: Mother's Day Trail

We always receive the blessings we need - at the time we need them.

My friend phoned me a Mother's Day wish (I had forgotten the holiday), in one of her soft-spoken, Loving tones I so enjoy sharing. The conversation became philosophical - as it so often does with us; we spoke about 'Memory Moments'.

"As I've experienced life along the way, I find that I don't always realize I'm experiencing a 'Memory Moment' - until it's past.’That's the one', I realize down the road. So now I wonder at times, is this a "Memory Moment?"

I so hear her thoughts. I think maybe - if we wonder if any particular moment is a Memory Moment, it most likely is.

Memory Moments - make life bearable - even awesome at times. Think about it. When your child is 4 and asks; "Were you alive when the dinosaurs lived, Mom?"

And what about…-"Give Grandma the money!"

  • "Do they have gas stations in space, Mom?"
  • Watching my 6 week old chicks fly around their newly opened outdoor pen with unmitigated joy!
  • The day my foal took her first, few wobbly steps as her Mother nudged her flank with a worried brow.
  • Holding my husband's hand as he awoke from serious surgery, and smiled.
  • Watching the sun set through smoked filled clouds following a week long fire that came within a mile of my house.
  • That feeling in my bones as they handed me my new-born child.
  • The day the mold report came and stated our house was too moldy to inhabit.
  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "I Love you...anyway."
Last but not least..."Happy Mother's Day, Mom."

Count your Memory Moments; hoard them, dust them off regularly; they are food for your soul. Treasure them.

More importantly...propagate them freely. Life is short.

Especially on your...37th Mother's Day...

As always, Nature prevails.


  1. The memories I most treasure include one of my Mom when I was pregnant with Brenna, my oldest daughter. She brought home two bentwood rockers from the store, one for me, one for my sister and had them sitting in her living room when I got up that morning. I'd wanted a bentwood rocker forever, and that year... I got one. (I was living at Mom's house, after my husband had decided he didn't want children. A single Mom!) When I moved out later that same year, Mom and Dad bought me another bentwood rocker, because Mom liked that one so well too.

    The rocker was the pennant of the memory, but the memory is specifically that my parents got me the gift *I* had asked for that holiday. They HEARD me, for maybe the first time in my life.

  2. Hello Jan,

    So nice to have you stop by on 'trails'.

    I can only imagine your joy that morning as well as the feeling of being truly Loved when you moved out. Do you still have that Bentwood Rocker?

    Take care!



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