Nature verses the local grocery...

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Two special people in our life, celebrate their first year together this weekend.  The Love they share is warm all over them, as well as over anyone blessed enough to be in their midst. As we watched their wedding video, we laughed and cried as scene after scene reflected the sheer joy and depth of their feelings for each other, one year ago - this weekend.

Do we know what Love is? Humankind attempts to describe this indescribable power that can heal diseases, create societies, raise children and bond people beyond life and death.

Love is expressed in songs, poems, novels, letters, cards, gifts, etc. Love even has its own holiday which we celebrate every February 14th.

With all its venues, my favorite expression of Love is through song.  Music touches everyone in a myriad of ways; in me, it floods every sensory perception - sometimes at the same moment.

As I searched the internet for the perfect song for this couple, each one I found had a slightly different meaning, each broadening the meaning of Love as the search continued.  John Denver, through his song, "For You", says it all - as no one else can.  

I dedicate the beauty, meaning, joy, profoundness and sheer 'fullness' of Love and all it's potential, opportunity and comfort, to Lindsay and Jon.  May both your lives be increasingly enriched as the years pass; may you continue to fill each other with your combined special Love...forever.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Old Barns and Old People

As I age - and I watch the people around me do the same, moments of despair and regret can creep by if I am not at constant attention.  Yet when sentiments such as those in this video cross my path, it broadens my view, gives me a deeper more meaningful view of my life, as well as adding beauty and importance to the rest of the aging planet around me. 

As always, Nature prevails.