Nature verses the local grocery...

Friday, April 24, 2009

The End of the Kitty Trail

Our three little kitties that blessed our lives for the past days, are en route to their new home as I write.

My heart is breaking. As we put the kitties into their carrier after the new owners left, Visitor stayed close by, longer and closer than her usual comfort zone. She watched me so closely/intently...I know...she knew the outcome. I know she knows...that this is the end of her little family.

I keep running this decision over and over in my mind, and the outcome remains the same. If only it didn't break up such a close, Loving family. I watched them interact the other day; one of the tiger kitties walked over to Blackie while he was enjoying breakfast and snuggled down at his hind foot. Blackie never flinched. When he finished eating, he slowly walked away. He and Visitor and the kitties spent over an hour together that morning, laying around, interacting...just being a family.

The new owners tell us the kitties will spend awhile inside, while they acclimate to their new surroundings. There are two young ladies in the family who Love animals - particularly kitties. I sense these three kitties will be Loved and happy in their new home.

In the days ahead we will obtain a wildlife cage and get Visitor and Blackie to the vet for spaying and neutering. Then they too, will embark on their new life in the wild, with Nature.

The trails of Nature are sometimes difficult. But Nature prevails. There will be other days, and other kitties.

Trials on the Kitty Trail

Nature and her beauty, abound around us yet again this day. The stunning blue of a Colorado sky holds up the wisps of clouds that hang in the air above Hasty Acres.

But the trails of Nature are not so natural, or fun, for our kitties.

Three unhappy kitty faces peer at the camera from their new kitty trail, a few hours into captivity. A difficult maneuver for us, since this goes against our belief in the 'nature' of Nature. But, if these kitties are to be adopted and cared for by humans, they need to go down this road. The alternative allows them to reproduce in the wild, in an area filled with their predators, human and otherwise, and few safeguards.

They are temporarily in a large cage with a shelf in the back third for climbing/exercise, food and water below, and one end open to a tray in the bottom filled with a mixture of sand and kitty litter for now, since they are used to sand.

The cage is in the chicken coop feed room; we left the feed room door open last night so Mom and Dad could visit, to minimize the stress on all concerned. We saw both Visitor and Blackie nearby, resting with the kitties in the afternoon and evening. Starting tonight - for about a week, we will leave the cage door open and the feed room door closed. Mom and Dad will still be able to visit through the chicken coop chicken-door where the hens go in and out. They will be able to interact through the screen door that separates the feed room from the main coop.


We will supplement their dry kitten food with a kitten milk supplement.

Hopefully in about a week, the kitties will understand that food now comes from humans so when they are transported to their new home at the nearby farm, they will stay there and become 'at home' in their new environment.

We are of course, getting our kitty fixes with holding and cuddling them several times during the day. We think that this too - is best for all concerned!

The kitties on this kitty trail
...are not the only ones learning hard lessons. We are less than comfortable with Nature...not so naturally...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thunder on the kitty trail

Our first storm of the spring season! Nature rumbled and roared from lots of low, dark, churning clouds.

Meanwhile, kitties were feeding/sleeping with Mama up in the loft, earlier in the day. With one exception! (Click on the picture and check out that adorable, little tongue!)

It's obvious who's the 'leader-of-the-pack' in this family. He/she hogs the entire breakfast bowl and is first in line to head out on the kitty trail at Hasty Acres.

Newsflash!! Our neighbor has put his dibs on all 3 of our kittie cuties; these little furrballs will have the life of Riley...10 acres to roam in, a big barn full of mice and a nice family with youngsters to cuddle up for kitty purrs when available. We couldn't be more pleased.

Nature said goodnight through a stunning Colorado sunset. Days end on the kitty trail.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Return Trail of the Kitties

Nature prevails on the kitty trail! Blackie, Visitor and two of the kitties, waited for breakfast this beautiful Colorado morning. We saw 3 kitties yesterday intermittently, so are assuming everyone is well and back in the barn.

LITTLE MISS HISSY "Did someone say breakfast?"

"Hey! Mom said you're supposed to share!"

"I wonder if something yummy is swimming in here..."

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Nature of Waiting...Blackie on Guard

A quiet day on the kitty trail. Visitor and babies are hiding, at least for today. We caught a quick shot of Blackie on guard at the "restaurant/living room door."

We're a bit concerned, but are persevering to trust that Nature is it should.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

NATURE SNICKERING...Kitty sightings

When will I learn the lesson of "mereness" in my human capacity, of "thinking" I know what Nature...knows better?!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. We are thrilled to announce that -at least two - of the kitties are still in the barn, in a "safe" place, behind a cabinet, under "stuff", thank the powers that be. There was a big commotion in the barn about 1:30 AM. Apparently an intruder interloped, and was quickly EXtruded by Blackie. Blackie may only have very limited, living room visitation for the time being, but he's still guard of the castle. GO BLACKIE!!

We freshened the kitty water - just in case they are drinking yet. We freshened and filled dishes and water pails, did the necessary restaurant chores.

Stay tuned for more updated kitty trail news on trailsofnature.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

End of the Trail

The trails of Nature are different from day to day. They are at Nature's beckon call, within her profound understanding which many times goes unexplained to us mere humans; Nature is everything.

Checking the upper apt in the barn this morning was sad...the tenants have moved. It appears that for whatever reasons, Visitor moved her babies to parts unknown. We caught a glimpse of her leaving this evening but quickly lost her trail in the tall grass of the field.

My cats have always enjoyed the safety of our home, behind closed doors. To know that these three new kitties will soon have to fend for themselves, be at high risk in the wild, tears at my responsible, nurturing side. I keep reminding myself that these kitties were never under my control to begin with. I have to give my trust to Nature, to the laws that existed long before I did, long before I thought I could really control life around me.

We will still endeavor to trap Blackie and get him fixed, then return him to his element. In six weeks or so, we will do the same with Visitor. But for the time being, we can only hope that Visitor does her job and that the kitties survive.

Thank you for sharing our few days of kitty trails, for peeking into the lives of these three new creatures.

Each day in the trail of life is an adventure, a gift to be treasured.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The First Kitty on the Trail

We'll follow the trails of this new family of wild cats over the next week or two. Today I had the honor of watching a little critter take his first steps down his little trail.

On this particular Nature trail, we've named mama, Visitor, and dad, Blackie. Visitor took one of her tiger kitties out for his first walk. He tore across the yard (never thought such little legs could move that fast!). He scared the 6 hens roaming about, didn't listen to mom and took off for parts unknown. Don brought him back and Visitor growled about it.

And today, Blackie's trail changed a bit. Though Blackie and Visitor have been great pals over the past few days, when mama had the kitty on the ground, it seems dad is no longer welcome. Blackie skulked in to eat and Visitor allowed it - till he made the mistake of looking over his shoulder at the kitty. He was promptly evicted! Last I saw Blackie before dark, he was headed out to the field, poor guy. Maybe I'll send him over to Oris's house for a temporary apt till Visitor's hormones calm down.

So goes today's kitty trails.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Kitty Trails...Nature, naturally

The trails of Nature sometimes leave you in the proverbial dust! You may think you are a step ahead of Mother Nature, but chances are...she is the one waiting around the corner, snickering.

We noticed two stray cats making themselves at home in our barn over the past week or so. "Nature" seemed to be...well..."spring-is-in-the-air" came to mind. We quickly borrowed an animal trap, with plans to get our new boarders to the vet ASAP. We consider ourselves responsible animal caretakers and planned to keep the feral cat population in check; "planned" being the operative word.

This morning, my husband noticed something moving in the box where the two adult cats take turns sleeping. Only problem was...the adults were on the ground, eagerly enjoying the new restaurant accommodations. The picture to the right of this article is one of the three "new boarders" we found occupying the second floor apt; his two siblings are further down the page. Now I understand 'mama's" healthy appetite.

Maybe that WAS 'snickering' I thought I heard around the corner.

Sometimes, Nature's trails are one step ahead of us mere humans.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A River Flows In You, on the trails of Nature

The trails of Nature are sometimes subtle, even metaphoric. While surfing the net in a totally different direction than musically, I stumbled upon this ethereal and poetic piano piece by Yiruma. I can see the flowing river and the peace within. As well, threaded throughout is a strength and wonder; Yiruma reaches deep as he shares his talent in this presentation.

Yiruma, born 1978 in Seoul, S. Korea, is a piano music composer known throughout the world. His most famous pieces are Kiss The Rain, Maybe, and the piece linked above - A River Runs In You. He is a graduate of Purcell Specialist Music School, London as well as Kings College.

Enjoy his musical moments, along the backroads of nature.