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Monday, April 6, 2009

Kitty Trails...Nature, naturally

The trails of Nature sometimes leave you in the proverbial dust! You may think you are a step ahead of Mother Nature, but chances are...she is the one waiting around the corner, snickering.

We noticed two stray cats making themselves at home in our barn over the past week or so. "Nature" seemed to be...well..."spring-is-in-the-air" came to mind. We quickly borrowed an animal trap, with plans to get our new boarders to the vet ASAP. We consider ourselves responsible animal caretakers and planned to keep the feral cat population in check; "planned" being the operative word.

This morning, my husband noticed something moving in the box where the two adult cats take turns sleeping. Only problem was...the adults were on the ground, eagerly enjoying the new restaurant accommodations. The picture to the right of this article is one of the three "new boarders" we found occupying the second floor apt; his two siblings are further down the page. Now I understand 'mama's" healthy appetite.

Maybe that WAS 'snickering' I thought I heard around the corner.

Sometimes, Nature's trails are one step ahead of us mere humans.


  1. Wow, adorable, see, now ya need a Corgi to keep all those kittens in a herd!!!

  2. Danielle,
    Lovely blog site, I've enjoyed visiting and reading thru it!

  3. Hi there Tanya,

    Thanks for stopping by; I love visitors, especially friends.

    The Corgis are adorable; I think one of them has Oris's name on it????

    Take care.


  4. Great stuff Danielle.
    ot sure about the Corigi.

  5. I hadn't wandered down the trail in a few days. Looks like all has been busy at the Barn Builder's. "New life comes with the spring - usually in a blinding blizzard - to awaken our lives to the delicate balance of nature." (Don't remember who said that... but it worked here.)



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