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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The First Kitty on the Trail

We'll follow the trails of this new family of wild cats over the next week or two. Today I had the honor of watching a little critter take his first steps down his little trail.

On this particular Nature trail, we've named mama, Visitor, and dad, Blackie. Visitor took one of her tiger kitties out for his first walk. He tore across the yard (never thought such little legs could move that fast!). He scared the 6 hens roaming about, didn't listen to mom and took off for parts unknown. Don brought him back and Visitor growled about it.

And today, Blackie's trail changed a bit. Though Blackie and Visitor have been great pals over the past few days, when mama had the kitty on the ground, it seems dad is no longer welcome. Blackie skulked in to eat and Visitor allowed it - till he made the mistake of looking over his shoulder at the kitty. He was promptly evicted! Last I saw Blackie before dark, he was headed out to the field, poor guy. Maybe I'll send him over to Oris's house for a temporary apt till Visitor's hormones calm down.

So goes today's kitty trails.


  1. Poor Blackie, getting kicked out on the whim of a woman!! Oooops, I guess that is what happens to men, huh??!!! LOL! I am anxious to hear about the trails that the kitties take in the future.

  2. Hi Tanya,

    We share our sadness and send strong, healthy wishes out to Visitor and her family...wherever they may be.

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing our adventure.

    Blackie and Visitor were both eating - together again tonight.



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