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Friday, April 24, 2009

Trials on the Kitty Trail

Nature and her beauty, abound around us yet again this day. The stunning blue of a Colorado sky holds up the wisps of clouds that hang in the air above Hasty Acres.

But the trails of Nature are not so natural, or fun, for our kitties.

Three unhappy kitty faces peer at the camera from their new kitty trail, a few hours into captivity. A difficult maneuver for us, since this goes against our belief in the 'nature' of Nature. But, if these kitties are to be adopted and cared for by humans, they need to go down this road. The alternative allows them to reproduce in the wild, in an area filled with their predators, human and otherwise, and few safeguards.

They are temporarily in a large cage with a shelf in the back third for climbing/exercise, food and water below, and one end open to a tray in the bottom filled with a mixture of sand and kitty litter for now, since they are used to sand.

The cage is in the chicken coop feed room; we left the feed room door open last night so Mom and Dad could visit, to minimize the stress on all concerned. We saw both Visitor and Blackie nearby, resting with the kitties in the afternoon and evening. Starting tonight - for about a week, we will leave the cage door open and the feed room door closed. Mom and Dad will still be able to visit through the chicken coop chicken-door where the hens go in and out. They will be able to interact through the screen door that separates the feed room from the main coop.


We will supplement their dry kitten food with a kitten milk supplement.

Hopefully in about a week, the kitties will understand that food now comes from humans so when they are transported to their new home at the nearby farm, they will stay there and become 'at home' in their new environment.

We are of course, getting our kitty fixes with holding and cuddling them several times during the day. We think that this too - is best for all concerned!

The kitties on this kitty trail
...are not the only ones learning hard lessons. We are less than comfortable with Nature...not so naturally...


  1. Don't blame her egg, laying is serious business specially those brown eggs they take extra work LOL. For those little kitties they will be fine in there new home after they get use to it. Those little ladie will give plenty of pets and maybe you can go for a visit. most little kitties love all that attention so sounds like they got a wonderful home where they can grow up and be safe.
    so don't be sad everything will be fine.

  2. Hi Carol,

    Thank you for the support, and the visit. Always nice to hear your voice, on the trail.

    You have some pretty jewelry on your site, I so enjoy browsing. Thanks for the beautiful butterfly pin yesterday; I will wear it with pride.


  3. Just checking to see what's going on.



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