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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thunder on the kitty trail

Our first storm of the spring season! Nature rumbled and roared from lots of low, dark, churning clouds.

Meanwhile, kitties were feeding/sleeping with Mama up in the loft, earlier in the day. With one exception! (Click on the picture and check out that adorable, little tongue!)

It's obvious who's the 'leader-of-the-pack' in this family. He/she hogs the entire breakfast bowl and is first in line to head out on the kitty trail at Hasty Acres.

Newsflash!! Our neighbor has put his dibs on all 3 of our kittie cuties; these little furrballs will have the life of Riley...10 acres to roam in, a big barn full of mice and a nice family with youngsters to cuddle up for kitty purrs when available. We couldn't be more pleased.

Nature said goodnight through a stunning Colorado sunset. Days end on the kitty trail.



  1. Hi Daneille,
    Thought I stop by and check on those kitties of yours.
    How are the kitties doing they are so cute bet they are really growing. Stop by and see the new pictur of the McCoy piece.

  2. Hi Carol,

    Very beautiful, that McCoy piece. Wish I had the extra space for some of your gorgeous pieces - they would look nice on a shelf over the writing desk.



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