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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NATURE TRAILS: moments at Home

 Gary Snyder

Found this poignant quote today, it touched deeply.  We forget that Nature was here - long before we were, that she rules this planet, as a tough and Loving guardian. We can count on her!  We can indeed, rest in her all-knowing plan, be who we can be at any moment, with her guiding light, warmth, understanding that is obvious in every aspect of her kingdom.
  • Watch the peaceful butterfly as it flits from flower to stem - in complete faith that whether it lives another day or not - it truly is - the moment it enjoys.
  • The Pelican glides up and down, circles and dives in its constant faith that Nature will provide its food. No stress, no worries as it travels through graceful, powerful flight, using every muscle, every moment.
  • The ants move determinedly, quickly, carrying greater loads through their day that we ever could.  Their tasks are centered, full-focused as they create their little worlds.  Their entire being gobbles up their every movement, their every moment, oblivious to the constant peril they face in a world of giants.  Have you ever noticed an ant sitting still on a grain of sand, stressing over lunch, death or large soled tennis shoes?! Their every movement, every effort, is completed - in their moment of given time.
  • Our babies trust in Nature as they sleep their worry-free nights, trusting that Nature will provide. They smile and giggle through their moments, adding joy, excitement, new faith to our moments.

Nature gives repetitive morning sunshine throughout her realm, brings new energy for planet-wide hope and warmth, dreams and possibilities.  Her fading colors at dusk, leave us with beauty and design with which to tide us over through her sometimes, long nites. Her weather permitting, moonlight guides us through our darkness, our dreams, our pondering.

Sit in the moonlight this week and ponder the millions of moments we enjoy.  Learn increased determination and focus from the ants in your life.  Revel in the smile of a baby.  Find peace in the flight of a butterfly. Gain a sense of freedom in the flight of a Pelican.

Be at peace with the glorious moments we have this day. 


One more laugh and play,

One more time for rays and soft rain...

One more time to hug and smile,

One more time for thought, and pain.

One more chance as a freedom soldier,

One more season with rake in hand; 

One more moment for heart to heart,

One more time to take a stand...

One more moon for pondering light,

One more drive down hiway lanes..

One more time to look and learn,

One more time...while time remains...

NATURE prevails...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

FORD TRAILS UPDATE: Corporate dismissal

Three weeks of life now separate me from my fire event of 10/2/2013.  And life really does...go on; nothing stops the 'life-train' from its destination, wherever that may be.

But I want to state some facts here, for the record, about my interactions with FORD Motor Company.  After contacting FORD 3 times, I was informed that my "case" was now in the legal department and that the legal department was the only department that could deal with me - AND - that the legal department ONLY deals with their customers through snail or e-mail, that I could no longer handle this "claim" in any other manner!

I contacted my attorney.  He advised me that FORD is famous for out gunning and out waiting people with my similar problems, and that it would be in my best interest, to let go of my desire to have FORD reimburse me for any part of my loss. It appears they were NOT very interested in ascertaining the cause of the fire which - in my opinion, might possibly save someone else's life.

Also, for the record, we decided - as a direct result of this 'big corp' behavior, to not even consider replacing our vehicle with another FORD product.  They lost - forever, our business; in this case, approximately $20,000.  In a few days, we pick up a 2014 Jeep Patriot.  Had FORD been smart enough to assist me - in some manner, we most likely would have replaced our Ranger with another similar product. It seems to me that FORD must have so much money at their disposal, that our measly $$'s were inconsequential.

For the public record, anything posted herein is MY PERSONAL OPINION, of which I assume I still have a right to express under the Constitution of my United States of America.

GEICO, our insurance company - on the other hand, has been SUPER!  Their customer service was and is - immediate, complete, forthcoming, caring and just about everything one might desire from an insurance company! My personal items payment arrived within a week of the incident and the vehicle payment process is almost  complete.  It most likely would already be here, had I not delayed it with additional requests and paperwork processes. For anyone interested in vehicle coverage - particularly if you are military related, GEICO is a pleasure to deal with .  Their company truly understands "customer service".

As always, NATURE prevails...

Sunday, October 13, 2013


You haven’t lived “surreal” till you step over flames as you exit your vehicle and then - proceed to watch it entertain flames of varying levels for an hour or so, turning – not so slowly – into a crispy-critter of different textures, colors and oh-so-horrifous (??) odors (probably cyanide, among other chemicals, attesting to my clogged respiratory, head-achy and irritated breathing for several days).…

So was my day, Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013.

Going to a friend’s house to sew – can be an exhilarating experience! I was about a mile from this house when our cute, pretty – did I mention…well-maintained…2002 Ford Ranger, lost power.  It coasted for about 3 or 4 minutes then…directly under my seat I clearly heard…

-immediate smoke rising outside my windshield in front of the steering wheel.

As anyone recalls who has experienced a traumatic moment, time immediately splits into two factions which – somehow, work in perfect sync. It took about 3.5 hours to turn the key off as I stared at the ‘forever’ steering wheel.  Then, another 4 hours to un-belt myself.  This ‘slow time’ feels like a dream, a slo-mo of unreal, oh-so-safe cocoon-time. All through this probably 2 seconds of real-time, a constant screaming can be OVER-heard in the background, very similar to…”WHY are you NOT at least 1 mile AWAY from here yet???!!!”(Four letter words removed!) But I digress…

I stepped over the flames coming from under the cab, jumped away from the truck (into the other lane of traffic, I later recalled, WITHOUT LOOKING!), only to see the cab on fire as well as two car lengths of flaming road behind the truck

 This ‘innate’ human fear of fire again kicked in and I can assure you –that at 66 years of age – I can STILL outrun any track team member – ANYWHERE on this planet! 

….Looked back once – “STILL ON FIRE!”  Ran some more, knowing that absolutely – at any second, I would feel the blast that would emanate from our – now, ball of roaring fire! Adrenaline is so over-reactive!

At some point a car stopped and called 911. The next hour or so was spent chattering with any/all of the emergency personnel attending to our used-to-be cute little trick, as the 472.5 MACRO grams of adrenaline hijacked my body...for several hours.

All nervous joking aside, life goes on.  That ‘circle of life’ so poignantly reverberated throughout the soundtrack from “The Lion King” video, recently posted on this blog, continues.  By the next day, the event was fading and though the traumatic memory haunts me, and will for a long time, the reality of the actual event 'cools'. 

We’ve contacted FORD, have a 'claim #', and still await their response.  My communication to them included:

-         Request for them to ascertain the cause of this outrageous occurrence to a well-maintained, excellent running vehicle with under 140,000 miles on its odometer.
-         payment for the remainder of my personal items loss of $700; (total was $900 of which our insurance paid $200).
-         some sort of additional compensation to be discussed

As I mentioned, thus far, there is NO response from FORD. We have always been "FORD people', jokingly entertaining all the old sayings from childhood: "Found on road dead",  "Fix or repair daily", etc. And truthfully, we would care to entertain a new FORD replacement. (So far, a SUBARU Outback is on 'the list').  But without a cause for the fire, using another FORD vehicle would leave me haunted with the possibility of this happening to ANY Ford product, regardless of age and/or condition.

This fire should NEVER have occurred.  Our RANGER was well-maintained, regularly oiled about every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, kept washed; in general, was the ‘apple’ of my DH’s eye.  WAS...being the operative term!


We await a response from FORD Motor Company.

All you folks with 2002 FORD Rangers…might want to check under the cab to ascertain that all connections to the gas tank are in tight, working order!

NATURE prevails...