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Saturday, October 26, 2013

FORD TRAILS UPDATE: Corporate dismissal

Three weeks of life now separate me from my fire event of 10/2/2013.  And life really does...go on; nothing stops the 'life-train' from its destination, wherever that may be.

But I want to state some facts here, for the record, about my interactions with FORD Motor Company.  After contacting FORD 3 times, I was informed that my "case" was now in the legal department and that the legal department was the only department that could deal with me - AND - that the legal department ONLY deals with their customers through snail or e-mail, that I could no longer handle this "claim" in any other manner!

I contacted my attorney.  He advised me that FORD is famous for out gunning and out waiting people with my similar problems, and that it would be in my best interest, to let go of my desire to have FORD reimburse me for any part of my loss. It appears they were NOT very interested in ascertaining the cause of the fire which - in my opinion, might possibly save someone else's life.

Also, for the record, we decided - as a direct result of this 'big corp' behavior, to not even consider replacing our vehicle with another FORD product.  They lost - forever, our business; in this case, approximately $20,000.  In a few days, we pick up a 2014 Jeep Patriot.  Had FORD been smart enough to assist me - in some manner, we most likely would have replaced our Ranger with another similar product. It seems to me that FORD must have so much money at their disposal, that our measly $$'s were inconsequential.

For the public record, anything posted herein is MY PERSONAL OPINION, of which I assume I still have a right to express under the Constitution of my United States of America.

GEICO, our insurance company - on the other hand, has been SUPER!  Their customer service was and is - immediate, complete, forthcoming, caring and just about everything one might desire from an insurance company! My personal items payment arrived within a week of the incident and the vehicle payment process is almost  complete.  It most likely would already be here, had I not delayed it with additional requests and paperwork processes. For anyone interested in vehicle coverage - particularly if you are military related, GEICO is a pleasure to deal with .  Their company truly understands "customer service".

As always, NATURE prevails...

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