Nature verses the local grocery...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

NATURE TRAILS: Morning and Moon-set

Nature rarely announces her third know, the one where all the characters come together, the plot closes and the play makes complete sense; you're even happy to have paid the outrageous last-minute ticket costs.  Such was this rare morning between 5:30 and 6:30.

I always 'greet' the moon - before I plug in the coffeepot.  Just a little routine I have - keeps me in tune with the outside world...the one that really counts. Kinda like kneeling in the garden dirt, about mid August, surrounded by the sound of a few honeybees, birds chattering in the chicken yard - scrambling for the left-over chicken morsels from a dozen over-fed, happy chickens.  The soothing, pervasive musky odors of aged working compost and energized dirt in which my veggies are also feeding.  I believe I feel better for having sunk my fingers into the dark dirt and behind a weed root.  Truth is, I think the electronics of the Universe run through me, steadying the polarities of the stresses gained during the previous days spent dealing with the man-made world in which I attempt to function. "The Force be with you..." comes to mind. These "forces" hold the Universe works for me!  But I digress, back to this morning's rare moment...

Of course, I dared not let my sleepy best friend enjoy the rest of his warm, quiet rest; of course, he 'decided' to join me in my Nature fizz!

First, the eastern sky lightened and a pale pink/purple tinge dusted the bottoms of the few lingering clouds on the horizon.

 On the other horizon, a sleepy full moon began its descent; the synchronicity was palpable! A finely tuned Natural rhythm, chanting a mantra heard only in our racing heartbeats.

At one point, our fingers lost feeling; holding a metal camera in 30 degree temps with a challenging.  But the saga had a strong hold and we persevered.

 Then - THE moment occurred - the brilliant red ball broke over the horizon;

Seven minutes later, the moon disappeared for another day...


May NATURE prevail through your eternity.