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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

End of the Trail

The trails of Nature are different from day to day. They are at Nature's beckon call, within her profound understanding which many times goes unexplained to us mere humans; Nature is everything.

Checking the upper apt in the barn this morning was sad...the tenants have moved. It appears that for whatever reasons, Visitor moved her babies to parts unknown. We caught a glimpse of her leaving this evening but quickly lost her trail in the tall grass of the field.

My cats have always enjoyed the safety of our home, behind closed doors. To know that these three new kitties will soon have to fend for themselves, be at high risk in the wild, tears at my responsible, nurturing side. I keep reminding myself that these kitties were never under my control to begin with. I have to give my trust to Nature, to the laws that existed long before I did, long before I thought I could really control life around me.

We will still endeavor to trap Blackie and get him fixed, then return him to his element. In six weeks or so, we will do the same with Visitor. But for the time being, we can only hope that Visitor does her job and that the kitties survive.

Thank you for sharing our few days of kitty trails, for peeking into the lives of these three new creatures.

Each day in the trail of life is an adventure, a gift to be treasured.

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