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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Old Barns and Old People

As I age - and I watch the people around me do the same, moments of despair and regret can creep by if I am not at constant attention.  Yet when sentiments such as those in this video cross my path, it broadens my view, gives me a deeper more meaningful view of my life, as well as adding beauty and importance to the rest of the aging planet around me. 

As always, Nature prevails.


  1. Loved all of it the music, pictures andwisdom. Just wiish there was a way to have stills of the barns. They gave me an itch to paint them. I too thankGod for being there tolisten to me and for all the friends and family He has provided for the times He cannot be there because another needs His undivided attention and support. May God bless you one and all for earning His "pitch hit" list position and being there for me.

  2. Thank you Danielle.
    It made my day.


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