Nature verses the local grocery...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trails...of Writing

Nature is everywhere, particularly evidenced in our human interactions. Last night for instance.

Our writers group met for an impromptu class on blogging. We're all doing it to one degree or another, we all want to improve our content and regularity of posting, not to mention making more of those little, green, flat, rectangular paper things we so rarely find in our wallets, of late.

So for 3.5 hours (was it REALLY that long?), we all did what we do best; gazed at Charger (that's Jan Verhoeff, our fearless, sometimes frustrated-with-us leader) with glassy eyes, trying desperately to look intelligent - as if our brains could really understand (never mind interpret-into-our-own-blogging routines!)her technocratic verbiage - closely resembling my college Astrophysics professor excitedly explaining relativity! But we persevered. After all, I think I read somewhere that information oozes into the grey matter even by association? Maybe not!

By the end of the evening, Oris George was sharing new ideas for additions to his blog, Along the Backroads of Yesterday. Esther Mulaney was feeling more enthused about a potential blog on her favorite subject, genealogy. I felt 4 pounds heavier than when I arrived - but - revved up to incorporate some monetizing ideas into my John Martin Dam blog.

Most importantly, we all interacted in our increasingly more familial manner, getting to know - not only blogging jargon and expertise, but each other, as well. I cannot imagine not having Acewriters in my life. After all...Nature is at work... everywhere.


  1. You're posts are always intriguing, interesting and full of detailed information. I always want to take a walk after I read them to see where nature leads.

    See you this afternoon! Photo Session time...


  2. Thank you Jan for your kind words.

    See you at the photo shoot.


  3. Just checking the comments... Jan

  4. Waiting for more of your excellent writing.


  5. Have you ever noticed? After a meeting, we leave inspired, motivated, and ready to face the monster?

    It's like the sustenance of life, a jovial greeting that disperses into the universe the power to accomplish.



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