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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trails of Nature...on Paper

Whether Nature is shining through a thunderstorm, sunset...or maybe in a memory, some artists have a magic way of bringing these Natural scenes onto paper - to share with the rest of us un-such-talented humans, to give unique, inspiring moments of beauty and humanity.

Jan Verhoeff, writer, artist, marketer extraordinaire and author of this remarkable site, has created a moment on your online, web-trail, where you can rest your fingers for a few minutes and fill your heart and soul with quiet beauty. You will leave with parts of her memories threaded through yours.

"Clouds reflecting on the water give resistance to darkness at dusk. Golden light fills the evening as the sun sets in the far western sky. This painting shows a typical scene from the top of the highest point in Southeastern Colorado, sunset on the Arkansas River at John Martin Reservoir", describes her painting GOLDEN LIGHTS. It resembles the photo below.


March 2010, JMD, Danielle Simone

The soft, elusive scenes in her art, bring forth Nature as you've never experienced before, even through all your sunsets, sunrises and ocean views.

These ethereal pictures also take you back to your yesterdays, times of harder work, less play, yet a time of family, apple pie, sitting by the window watching Nature turn the dry, brown prairie into a fairy, white wonderland, devoid of anything except beauty and peace.

Take a few moments to fill your heart with moments of Nature, today; view shadows of Love, Nature, peace and promise, through the paintings titled...SHADOWS OF RAIN DANCE and POETIC ICE, BLUE WATER, by Jan Verhoeff, artist of my heart.

As always, Nature prevails.


  1. What an awesome likeness to Golden Lights. I hadn't seen a photo so like the painting, before. Truth be told, I was actually painting on the dam - a pretty blue water painting of a dusky evening storm with layers of clouds and coming down from the dam I dropped the painting. There was sand in the paint, which shifted the colors. So, after I got down, I tried to brush the sand from the painting and smeared parts of it. When I attempted to fix the smeared parts of my painting, the colors were off, so I added in a dark yellow color, which changed the colors of the painting. The sunset painting that is now Golden Lights was an accident. Can you imagine that? I was amazed at the shift in colors, but more-so in the magnificence of the painting --- an accident that made a perfect painting. I gave this painting away for a wedding gift to one of the girl's friends several years ago. She loved it and actually gave the painting its name.

  2. Thank you for the gentle drifing of time and life.

  3. Jan,

    It seems that art - as well as life, can sometimes be a serendipitous event.

    Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.


    Your lovely words are appreciated, thank you!


  4. Thank you for the pictures that promp memories.

  5. You are so welcome. Pictures are the next best thing to reality, and the VERY best instigator of imagination, memories and time gone by.

    Thanks for visiting, Oris; always a pleasure.



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