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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Political Trails: Let's Scare the Old People!

Please enjoy a more "mature" view on the never-ending scare tactics from Washington.

It seems the political "wolf" is yet again, chasing Social Security through the proverbial woods; will he finally stop Grandma's check from reaching her door?

This raises our stress levels; we're both retired with Social Security filling more than a third of our wallet.


Comments encouraged; let us know your thoughts and any further information you may have to enlighten this issue.

As always, Nature prevails.


  1. I received this comment in an e-mail from a dear friend in Jersey with permission to share:

    "My husband and I have been listening closely about this Social Security stuff and we think the White House is trying to scare us old folk so we'll put pressure for him to get his way. He's not used to not getting his way. As we understand it Social Security is fully funded until 2037. There will be no immediate affect to anyone and they have always said if changes take place it will only be for those 55 years and younger. It will not affect anyone over the age of 55 and at that, the younger may have to work a few extra years to start collecting. I'm getting so exhausted with this administration in power. It is an awful feeling that for the rest of my life I will never relax and feel safe from my government again. I realize we should have been more vigilant in the past, but if anyone had told me in my younger years I would have to live on pins and needles watching my government's every move, I would have laughed. Now..."

    J & J

  2. Thank you for sharing, J. I too, worry these days. I wonder whether it's due to the difference in culture from my upbringing (40 years ago) and now, whether the government is truly becoming more intrusive/power hungry...or both. I suspect the latter.



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