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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trails of Yesterday: Today

I found this in an e-mail this morning; it sounds awfully familiar...

I just wanted to mention that it is Wednesday. I have no clue exactly how it got to be Wednesday because the last I checked, it was Monday morning.
It is also sinking in that it is winter, another of life's mysteries to me since I still feel the September sun on my neck and recall the tomatoe plants struggling to set fruit (which they never did!)
My mother is hiding behind my bathroom mirror - absolutely without my permission! 
And those funny-looking guys on PBS, singing my favorite 1970 and 1980 songs - must be impersonating the original singers, 'cause I am CERTAIN none of them looked that gray and wrinkled when they were singing those songs...a few years go.
But then, my sainted husband looks, sounds and feels the same as he did 20 years ago.  So I guess all is right with the world.
Nature prevails! (At least SOMETHING stays the same!)

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  1. Very good post and right on themoney.


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