Nature verses the local grocery...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

i am I

i am the depth of your desire
i am the calm in your storm,
i am the strength in your courage...
i am I.

i am the joy in your laughter
i am the kindness in your Loving,
i am the map in your journey...
i am I.

i am the roots of your growth
i am the sadness in your tears,
i am the light in your loneliness...
i am I.

i am the eternity in your forever
i am the energy in your work,
i am the warmth in your humility...
i am I.

i am the tune in your song
i am the feeling when you hug,
i am the power in your energy...
i am I.

i am the softness in your touch
i am the taste in your appetite,
i am the Awareness in your prayers...
i am I.

i am the sureness in your walking
i am the reality in your dreaming,
i am the guardian of your boundaries...
i am I.

i am the tone of your longing
i am the words in your story,
i am the meaning in your words...
i am I.

i am the center of your being
i am the wistfulness of your sigh,
i am the flight in your wishes...
i am I.

i am the lighthouse of your mind
i am the center of your direction,
i am with you always...
i am I.

NATURE prevails...


  1. So beautifully said and so very true. Everything you write always comes from the heart. You are beautiful!

    Friends forever.

    1. Thank you for your kind, Loving words.

      The wearing of Angel wings...same heart, same language... :)

      Thank you for stopping by.


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