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Friday, June 5, 2015


Sometimes in life, it is necessary to test our limits…sometimes vital, in order to understand exactly who we are in this strange and awesome journey we each take on planet Earth.

Sometimes this re-definition comes for ordinary reasons, or maybe after bumps in our journey that threaten our abilities.  Or maybe to regain the recognition of who we STILL are, STILL want to be...CAN be; to re-establish our spiritual footprint; to understand the difference between our yesterday-footprint and our tomorrow one.  Or to mark a turn in our road, a new direction in our journey.

Sometimes pushing our limits gives us the freedom to stretch that skin in which we are physically confined, towards the direction we perceive to be our own spiritual being, our existentially unique shadow of light on this plane.

That said, I dedicate this post, this Birthday wish, to my Son Tony; to his courage, his bravery, his unique existential shadow I am blessed to have helped present to this plane… 41 years ago.

Tony began his Love of the bicycle as a youngster with a Centurion road bike.  He wanted a mountain bike, Mom wasn’t listening.  In my defense – he’s had a ‘few’ of them since then.  And that oh-so-long-ago present still hangs in our barn, is still a mark in time – a tribute to his youth, the Love I hold for him.

Along that road, Tony has traveled many different bicycle-journeys, some exciting, some painful, some breath-taking, some relaxing.  And some proudly-earned ones that more than tested his physical and athletic abilities.  He has bought many different types of bicycles, most of which were high-end models for which he sacrificed MANY of normal life amenities in order to afford; such is his love-affair with the bicycle.

And then, there was the event that almost took his ‘bicycle’ away. It is that event, that 2-year path he traversed and suffered through, to which I dedicate this Birthday Wish.  To HIS courage; HIS determination; HIS perseverance to be the person he WANTED to be – NEEDED to be – was DETERMINED beyond all else…to be - and was!  He achieved that,  and so much more, attested to by this birthday that is filled with HIS normal energy level and challenges.  The life he enjoys today might have NEVER BEEN, had he not met his life-challenging event with not only the efforts NORMALLY expected of him, but with much more drive and perseverance and bravery that IS the Tony I know, and respect and Love.  He fought back as only Tony can.  And he won!

This IS to the Tony I know, I Love, to whom I dedicate this 41st Birthday wish.  A wish that states my pride, my forever Love for him.  A wish inspired by the video below. Though my Tony is not the rider on that ridge in the video, while watching it, I saw my Son’s spirit…and smiled.

It is a testimony to his particular, unique version of bravery in the face of all the adversities in his life - but particularly the one that almost took his life a few years ago.  It is a testament to the unique form of Tony-bravery and determination that brought him to his TODAY, his 41st year, in the physical, emotional and spiritual plane he enjoys TODAY!  He not only rebounded, but has excelled - past what he was.  That life-event did not stop him; maybe slowed him down enough to allow him time to re-challenge himself; re-boot as it were. As his MOM, I cringed and wiggled as I watched him get back on his bike, get back into situations that - as a MOM (it's my job to worry!) I thought less of, wanted him to go away from, choose something LESS dangerous than...  NOW, I recognize HIS unique need to 'get back on his horse' - as HE needed to do; and I see HIS results. And I hope that he continues to challenge his realities, his his own unique Tony-way, not mine.

It is a dedication to his awesome and Loving spirit that I hold in my heart…for eternity.
Happy Birthday Son.

With all my heart,


As always, NATURE prevails...especially 41 years ago.

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