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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nature Rains Abundance Over Our Trails of Life

Mother Nature cradles us down her life trails in unlimited ways. Her exquisite sunrises and sunsets begin and end our days giving opportunity for energy and solace. Her valleys and mountains give us strength. Her giant sequoias and ancient rocks teach us to revere our memories down our trails of yesteryear. Her nourishing thunderstorms bring rain, not only to nourish the plants and waterways but also to remind us of the abundance that rains down into our lives when our sight may be short and narrow and sad.

She sends us babies of all kinds to remind us that our mommy trails are paramount. She provides the soil to nourish the plants that feed our bodies so we may use our brainpower to accomplish the work necessary to fulfill and provide in our lives.

Nature humbles us as well:

*Volcanic eruptions

Respecting Nature teaches us respect for each other as well as her planet Earth.

Nature is never far away and always available to us through our rich and vibrant surroundings. Trails of Nature are everywhere.


  1. Hi Danielle,
    You have a very good subject for a blog! I think so anyway. I'll be back to visit!
    Deb :-)

  2. Hi Deb,

    Nice to have you stop by. Thanks for your kind words. I'm working on getting a Word Press site set up with this domain.

    Enjoy your week.



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