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Friday, June 12, 2009

Nostalgia trails, Down the Backroads of Yesterday

In the next few days, Mr. Oris George will publish a new e-book, "The Man At the Side of the Road".

If you enjoy serious writing about the 1940's era, when the trails of nature were a bit tougher, more palpable, then trot on over to the orisgeorge website and take a closer look. Mr. George not only lived those days but will shortly be sharing one of his more serious stories of that era, The Man At the Side of the Road. This touching story will allow you a peek into the thoughts of an 8 year-old during the WWII era; it will warm your heart and leave you a different person with a better understanding of the difference that 50 years can make in a culture.

The Man at the Side of the Road is written by southeastern Colorado's premier writer of nostalgia. Don't miss the chance to buy this touching story.

Nature prevails.

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