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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The NATURE of man; neighbors

It's a part of everyday living - neighbors. Unless you have your own private island or own a 2000 acre ranch, neighbors are a fact of life.

Sometimes their dogs wake you at 2am (never much fun). Or their music overshadows your peace and quiet (very irritating). Or they intrude on your privacy for that never-ending cup of sugar.

Or, you are fortunate enough to live near a special neighbor family who offer you a key to their basement for protection against the ever-present tornadoes that plague the high plains of Colorado. And, they entrust you with the care and safety of their 4-H animals that are more precious to their children during this time of summer in southeast Colorado (local and state fair times), than any type of new toy.

And for the minimum work you provided and the maximum enjoyment you gained interacting with the cutest goats on the planet, the nicest young gentleman and young lady bring you gifts from a far away place near a beautiful ocean. Not just any gift, but ones personalized with your names - in addition to the biggest box of salt water taffy you've ever seen! Did I mention it's my husband's favorite candy?! And they didn't know that...till now. Yet another synchronicity in life.

This is a time for considering...the Nature of man - my nature, in particular. What of the times my nature was grumpy and not the most understanding...of my neighbor? These are parts of my human nature I am occasionally tempted to disown. But life isn't quite that easy.

Today, our neighbor family reached out yet again, displayed a part of human nature that is connected to the creation and design and artistry of life, rather than the negative, self-serving side, (as I have shown in times past). And as such, I continue to learn, and grow, and rise just a little more, above the recesses of humanity that reside in corners of my psyche that are much younger than my chronological age, that still have lessons to learn, and understanding and patience to gain.

I have watched this family over the years, the way they cater and interact with their small children, spend quality time with them, include them in their lives in so many ways. I admire continually how they teach them kindness and understanding...such as having them deliver small gifts to their sometimes not-so-nice neighbor, (me, not my patient, loving, understanding, nice husband), in return for a little help while they vacationed.

The Nature of man is complex and confusing and sometimes misplaced. And then sometimes...angelic.

Our appreciation and heartfelt thank you to our special, angelic neighbors.

Nature prevails.

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