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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rainbow Trails; a Special Friendship-Angel

We're planning a move out of state. Today, following an e-mail sharing our latest update on this process, I received this lovely poem from my dear, close friend; a rainbow filled my life - yet again.

"When rock and hills divide us,
And you no more I see,
Just pick up a pen and paper,
And drop a line to me."

Life can be a walk through Nature's garden - if you allow such philosophical imaginings. Some paths have roses, blackberry's, Locust trees and other thorny growths. Other paths have sunrises, sunsets, babies, avocados, spring rains...and friends. Hopefully, our gardens host many friends - of varied interests, flavors and opinions, to help us find our way through our garden.

We keep our actual gardens watered and fed - if we hope for produce; philosophical gardens require the same attention for their nourishment as well. There are unlimited methods for accomplishing this feat; this poem was my watering, my juicy nibble today - fed me by my dear friend. She is a feeder of the first water - one of her many qualities I so treasure. If I show up unannounced, yummies always present themselves - food - of many varieties, finds its way to my stomach - and heart. Nutrition always presents itself for a quick, impromptu meal; scrumptious banana bread, a stir-fry of fresh-picked garden veggies with some home-grown eggs thrown in.

There's always exciting news of one flavor or another; as an avid food-channel viewer, this special friendship-angel of mine shares a newly-found way to make a casserole or yet another rendition with chicken. At 81 years young, my friend stills regularly crochets, and sometimes shares a new pattern she's created through some simple yet ingenious way she has of rearranging colors or using some new and wonderful yarn. At 81, this garden-angel of mine still runs circles around me technologically, purchasing many of her life needs through the Internet - usually from one of her favorite crafting web stores such as Annie's Attic, Herscherners or Mary Maxim.

Life is never sad for any lengths of time for this beautiful lady I sometimes call Mom...or as her other children sometimes refer to me - the daughter Mom never had. She finds rainbow colors in every corner of her life-road. No matter what the problem, she rarely stays connected to it for any length of time, after which, either a positive solution is fashioned - or - the problem is shelved or discarded in favor of some other pretty that she so craftily puts in it's place.

My angel-friend is slowly losing her eyesight, yet she has numerous scrapbooks completed and many in progress. She uses the assistance of voice-activated software during her hours online, not letting maturity and its accompanying perils and losses of youth, get in her path for very long. She makes gorgeous greeting cards for near nothing, doing her own verbiage (as is obvious from her poem above) and fashions beautiful imagery – from real photos, or available clip art. I have received many of these beauties…I am a well-fed friend!

Today, I dedicate this post – created from the immense store of feeding she provides me, to my dear angel-friend. She is the Mom who gently guides me when needed, the buddy who supports me in all I endeavor, the friendship-angel who so frequently gives me wings to navigate my garden of life.

Sometimes…because of you…I am.

As always, Nature prevails


  1. What a beautiful sentiment! I came back this morning for some crazy reason and you'd just posted this. Now I know what that crazy reason was!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    May you be well blessed today!

  2. Hello, my friend! Thank you for your thoughts...and blessing. May many blessings and 'feedings' fill your life, always.

    Do you have a new book in the works?


  3. Thanks for sharing. You have a way with words.

  4. Thank you Oris, always good to have you stop by!

    I hear your new book is at press? Stop by and give us some details, please?



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