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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life Trails: It's a Dog's Life

I had an interesting conversation with my 70 something friend this week.  We discussed the usual we’re gettin' worn out trivia that we 60/70 somethings throw back and forth at times.  When you’re at this point on the life trail, and you stop to enjoy the lookout point, what you begin to see can be increasingly disturbing!

-When did the children get to be so old?
-Oh my god, that can’t be so and so on my PBS screen who sang whatever it was that hit number 1 on the charts in ‘65‘ cause she certainly didn’t look like that!
-I thought my mother passed away…but now she’s in my bathroom mirror ! 
-I used to run to the mailbox, now it’s so far away it takes twice as long to get there!  When did the Post Office move it?
-I know times are hard but do ALL the companies that produce food for our shopping…have to make the print so small on their labels?!
-Have you noticed that all manufacturers are making the clothes smaller – including the shoes?!
-I think I recall when the young guys used to give me a certain kind of second, slightly longer look; now, they tip their hat, hurry to open the door for me and say things like ‘yes Ma’am’…did I miss something???
-The manager at a Loaf ‘n Jug’ told me the other day that the reason I had to pay first before pumping was due to a fella’ running off with a full tank of gas a few days before - without paying…’he was around your age..’, he said, looking at me with that similar certain look I get from the young guys.

So this morning, my 70 something friend gave me some words of wisdom – and I listened – ‘cause there’s no generation gap here!  “When your plate gets too heavy…just put it on the floor"! 

Now that…has possibilities…

Nature prevails, at least for a little while longer…


  1. Thanks for this good stuff!
    The bit about putting the full plate on the floor is not so handy with me. The floor is a long ways down and hard for me to bend over!

    1. I've noticed that, Oris; they've...LENGHTENED the floor too!

    2. Gee! I thought if I signed as Anonymous no one would know who I was!


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