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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Memory Trails

As I watch my Mom visit more frequently in my bathroom mirror...
As I watch my used-to-be sharp thinking, begin to slow,
As I walk a little bit slower navigating my steps.

As some of my family and friends turn more gray than not...
As the PBS specials hire these elderly - once famous singing group 'look-a-likes',
As my 'just reading' glasses become more necessary and less fashionable.

When I recall the heavy work of my youth...
When I realize I no longer need an Abacus to count my remaining moon-lit nights,
When that picture of my child begins to show maturity as opposed to youth.

For the many friends and some family who have left this planet for parts unknown...
For the aches and pains that seem to be replacing my used-to-be boundless life energy,
For the wrinkles and long-term effects of gravity in all senior faces.

To the memories that now fill reams instead of pages...
To the babies I held...who now hold their own,
To the passage of years that are marked by memories.....

I dedicate this heart-touching song by Mary Travers, from the esteemed and ageless group, Peter, Paul and Mary.

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Nature the corners of our memories.


  1. Thank you Danielle,
    This brought back memories!

    1. You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.


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