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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

TODAY: THE TRAIL between yesterday and tomorrow

14 January 2015

It’s settled!  The votes are in, the totals tallied, the facts are indisputable. TODAY – that tenuous, ethereal, so often philosophized subject of time and space as it relates to our Earthly realities, is finally understood. It is real!  It is here. It is occurring, to each of us – to every living atom in the Universe...every day.

Or is it?

Physically:  TODAY is finitely defined as the timeline between 12:01 AM – that absolute moment after midnight, till it ends – abruptly, at midnight/12:00 PM; exactly 23 hours and 59 minutes of relative time and space (as observed on Planet Earth that is), through which every atom known must exist.  It is known as a day, 1/365th of a year, 1/30th (or so) of a month.   It is a time when we celebrate birthdays, any myriad of anniversaries, holidays; we spend this time in imaginable and even unimaginable manners of living.

Sometimes, these 24 or so of our measured hours seem to last forever.  How many daydreaming schoolchildren contemplate their entire lives during those few hours; how many decade-long wars are stopped and also started within that time-frame?!  Lives are joined in marriage, ended in divorce, graduations come deeply honored as do epitaphs of lives fully lived…or lives rued for their horrific endings.
Life happens…during TODAY.

Philosophically:  TODAY can be defined, comparatively, as a moment, as in today is the beginning of the rest of my life. Philosophers expend reams of paper discussing the reality of TODAY; is it a brief moment in the infinite time line of forever?  Some Buddhist and other Eastern spiritual circles discuss today as if it might actually be forever, depending on your state of stillness, connectedness to your inner divinity which can be defined as having no time/space, thus maybe allowing our beings to momentarily, have a foot (so to speak) in both events of reality, if that can be stretched as a possible actuality.

Authors have also spent reams of paper trying to stop time; “The Day the Earth Stood Still’, for example. We are fascinated with time travel, as if that was not a contradiction in terms.  Time and space are inextricably tied together, aren’t they?!  Or maybe…not?

I say that TODAY…is non existent.  It is a fallacy, an attempt we humans have construed to try to stop time/space so we can further our egos in any multiple manner of ways.  It allows us to gather in, gives us a space to be still, when in essence, time is truly never stillIt would not be time then, would it?

I suggest that TODAY, at least philosophically, exists only in the absence of YESTERDAY and TOMORROW, which as we know time, is impossible, correct?  If it did not, then how could my birthday exist…in all three time frames?  It is only one event, correct?  Last I checked, I was not related to The Trinity.  Think about that.

As I write this on January 14th, 2015, I am writing this in TODAY, correct?  Then how does that etched-in-time document become something in YESTERDAY’S place…TOMORROW?  It is a conundrum.  But if we’re standing in naked truth here (at least for a split second of TODAY), how do we truly…define TODAY?  Is it…definable?

That question may go on with the forever of TOMORROWS, as it has with the forever of YESTERDAYS.  It will continue to be discussed to death by we humans who could not even answer intelligently, any question about forever, since it is incomprehensible in a time/space based human brain. In mine, anyway.  I’ve tried; it is a tune for naked insanity!  Makes me think of the cartoons where they think so hard the head begins to smolder and then quickly explodes into flames. Yes; great description of that thought process. 

So the next time you sit down with your blank paper, ready to dump all those chores and bucket-list items onto a piece of lowly paper, try not to think about WHEN those things will come to fruition.  It…may ruin your DAY.

 NATURE Prevails.


  1. What a great post. I will read this over several times. When you think about it, the only time we have is THIS MOMENT. All other time is either gone or arriving. We have neither of those in actuality. Mindy

  2. Yes Mindy, I so agree. What EVER would we all do without "perfect moments" to connect our yesterdays to our tomorrows?!

    Thank you for stopping by, for taking the time to comment. Take care!



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