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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TRAILS of LOVIN': Supersize a Hug

We’ve all heard the phrase…”There’s no free lunch”.  Not so today…at McDonald's #15874 in Springfield, Missouri at 2115 E. Independence, just off the James River Freeway.

When we first ordered and the friendly cashier said…”Your meal’s free…for Lovin", I’m sure my look mirrored the three heads she instantly grew!  Once she repeated her request with a big smile and a slower speed, explaining that a hug, a joke, a handshake to a stranger…would pay our tab…well, you get the picture. Any excuse to hug my DH and soul-mate extraordinaire does not get past me too quickly, and the hugs/smiles/loads of good “Lovin” began.

The people ahead of me had a similar…”is this for real” expression; then the same big smiles.  The exchange between them - and us, a few minutes later was neat as well.

The point being, for a few minutes in that restaurant yesterday, “Some Lovin” took hold and spread amongst a few people in this world.  We all experienced a few perfect moments, as this blogger has written about before.

Life is all about ‘perfect moments’.  This is a dangerous world including much unhappiness; death, disaster, poverty, wars, diseases, the possibility of space objects stopping by to spend a few memorable moments creating havoc on our little piece of rock.  It’s the “roses” along the path; the “perfect moments” that make it all more than worthwhile.   The new-born foal, the first cry your child shares with your air, a life-time kiss at the Alter, the ethereal song of a Cetacean as they breach the shimmering waters of our precious oceans. 

And yes, a hug at McDonald's…on a stressful day of house-hunting, on a bright, late winter day in stunning southwest Missouri…USA, was just such a “perfect moment”.  Kudos to the manager at this McDonald's who implemented this promo.

My Son thinks we spend way too much time at McDonald's, and maybe we do. But at 67 and 71, their many salads we consume, help ease the tiredness of our late days and nourish us.   Their delicious coffee brightens many a morning for me when life…could be a bit easier. I’ve heard many renditions of the movie “Supersize Me”; and I’m sure it has its value.  And yes, I’ve seen people feed their 14 month old child in a high-chair a bunch of French fries while they consumed a huge cheeseburger.

But today, the perfect moment we experienced at this McDonald's, warranted a small note to let the world know that “perfect moments” in life, can happen anywhere, anytime, anyplace.  Keep your eyes open and your heart ready to receive one; they are worth the trip down this lovely road we call…life, here on planet Earth. 

'Thank you, McDonald's’, on Independence Road, for giving us a ‘perfect moment’ in our day, yesterday.

NATURE prevails….even at McDonald's!

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