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Saturday, May 2, 2009

CHICKEN TRACKS...Next Stop on Trails of Nature

We're finished on the kitty trails; the kitties are settled in. Time to set out on another Nature trail.


Hasty Acres lays claim to the best incredible-edible-eggs - according to Oris George from The Backroads of Yesterday. Why, only Thursday, Mr. George gave my Acewriters writing group, a detailed explanation/presentation/specific rendition of the simple cooking, cooling and serving process for the perfect egg! This perfect egg is born - ONLY - at Hasty Acres.

Here at our spacious country dwelling, our six, feathered beauties enjoy the amenities necessary for prolific, perfect egg production. They have free range - which adds grasshoppers and other delectable bugs to their diet, creating bigger, brighter yolks. For breakfast, our pretties get a bowl of hen scratch (grain) to supplement their egg-layer pellets. Scratching in our bulb bed fills their afternoons. They thoroughly enjoy themselves, and my garden soil gets aerated, energizing any lazy worms (they have to be fast to out-dig our pretties)! Given a chance to return to their primitive way of life, they produce their best eggs.

Did I mention they donate free fertilizer all over Hasty Acres?! We do have to occasionally chase them away from the front door - fertilizer on the front steps seems to agitate Mrs. Barn Builder, for some odd reason...

But back to the perfect time on Chicken Tracks.

Tip of the day
; "An egg is its own perfect container!" (courtesy of Don)

Nature prevails.


  1. There's something I like about you Danielle. You go right to the quick of things and get them all done and talked about then you're back to pecking chickens (er... I mean keys).

    The Perfect Egg Presentation by Oris George really should have been photographed. His peeling expedition was second to none. The yoke of that egg perfectly tenderly (yes, Oris dear, those are -ly words) yellow. The egg white scrumptiously delicate.

    I'm must say that's Decadent Marketing of the Best Flavor. And I'll soon be posting my article at so if you haven't been over to sign up for your copy of The Chocolate Drop (move over Chocolate the Hasty Acres Chickens are moving in) then you'd better hurry!

  2. Mr.Kitty from My Country Treasures says he loves eggs. If one of those hens could spare a egg he sure would like it scrambled with alittle milk in a saucer please.

  3. There's just a few things that needed to be added to this incredible Perfect Egg post - and you'll find them at

    I could NOT resist.

  4. OOOps - I didn't realize Kenton was signed in --- LOL - the joy of sharing a puter - but that link is Jan's Post if you'd like to just click.

  5. A chocolate drop innovative marketing ploy, Jan. Run with it.

    Carol, Mr. Kitty would love our "feline dining service" at Hasty Acres - half n' half blended with perfect egg yolks!

    Stay tuned on the Chicken Tracks trail...

    Mrs. Barn Builder

  6. Danaaielle,
    Will you tell the hens in your hen house that I send my best.

    The eggs from the Hasty Chicken Tracks RAnch are the "most gooder."

  7. Danielle,
    How many hens live at Hasty Chicken Tracks Ranch?

  8. Oris George, so good to hear from you. What are you doing over there along the backroads of yesterday? (

    We have 6 pretties her at Hasty Acres; a Brahma (my fav..I believe she lays that gigando egg you get in your eggbox), 2 Wyandottes and 3 Aracauna mixes.

    Thank you for stopping by; I'll tell the 'girls' you were inquiring as to their general welfare...(making SURE you continue to get your PERFECT eggs! LOL)

    Danielle (Mrs. Barn Builder)


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