Nature verses the local grocery...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"You are Not Alone".

Synchronicities surround us, if we open our minds and hearts. Even at 62, I do not comprehend the "truth" that creates and surrounds us every day - here and to the ends of the Universe. But I do see - more and more - that if I am in need of support or a life-lesson or guidance of any kind, it always seems to appear out of 'nowhere'.

Please enjoy the linked article by my friend, writing buddy and leader-of-the-pack of my writer's club. Sometimes, (as I think we all do on occasion), "Charger", wears her angel wings. This 'found me' when I needed it.

Nature prevails, sometimes incognito...


  1. Danielle,

    Thanks for sharing that article. It's always been the core of who I am. I enjoy that others relate to that one! Thanks again for the links.


  2. ALWAYS a pleasure Charger! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Thank you for visiting shy guy.


  4. Hi Danielle
    Thought I would stop by and say hi and how aare those hens.

  5. Hi there Country Treasures!

    I hear your store has some new jewelry - coral and turquoise! How is Mr. Kitty?

    The hens are fine; only 3 to 5 eggs lately - maybe they don't like the heat?

    Thank you for stopping by Carol. See you at the Little Britches Rodeo at Lamar Days this weekend.


  6. Danielle,
    Be kind to the hens.
    Don't fall out of the bleachers at the rodeo.
    Do you suppose you can talk Carol into buying popcorn?

  7. Absolutely Though she doesn't know it yet! LOL


  8. Whats this about pop corn suppose you all will want a hot dog to. Mr. Kitty wasn't pleased when he found out skye had been in his store. He was sniffing every where.
    see you at the rodeo stop by and see my things I will be taking my raggedy babies to
    there is going to be some real nice booths there.


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