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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nature's Perfect food; The Perfect EGG at Chicken Tracks on the Trail

The American Egg Board has this to say about the 'lowly' egg; "WHAT’S IN AN EGG? Eggs are rich in nutrients and a very affordable component of a healthy diet. They contain, in varying amounts, almost every essential vitamin and mineral needed by humans as well as several other beneficial food components. In fact, egg protein is of such high quality that it is a standard against which other proteins are compared. Take a look at the nutrition statement and see what you get in today’s incredible, edible egg."

Under sunny, warm, breezy Colorado skies, our 6 healthy, free-ranging pretties, here at Hasty Acres, keep us stocked with all the incredible eggs we need - and then some. Just ask Mr. George over at He will gladly explain just how to perfectly cook our perfect eggs; Donkey and Mule aficionado, published numerous times in The Brayer and other mule publications, Mr. George has recently taken up the art of egg-cooking. But I digress.

Hens don't always lay eggs and Roosters don't have the least inclination. But more about that on the next Chicken Tracks on the Trail.

Nature prevails.


  1. Which is better a brown egg or white I perfer the brown.I have gotten the pleasure of having one of those hasty acres eggs and they are as good as Mr. George says they are.

  2. It's always a pleasure to hear from Country Treasures! Thank you for your comment on our Hasty Acre eggs.

    Today is a sad day for one of our Aracaunas; she will get her wings clipped. Since they molted, their feathers are so perfect, I hate to change that. But this little lady can't stop herself from flying out of the pen and scratching up my garden! Plus, if she's out and we're gone...she's vulnerable to predators.

    I'll save a dozen of our brown beauties for Country Treasures, delivered Thursday!

    How's Mr. Kitty? Are you making more jewelry?


  3. Let's hear more about the hes at Hasty Chicken Track Ranch.

  4. Hi there Oris,

    I apologize for not posting recently. Continuation of 'the perfect egg' series will continue later in the week. I also have some updated pictures of the very spoiled kitties from kitty trails. The little stinkers have the life of Riley!

    Nice to have you stop by!

    How's business over at the place? Have any more of those pretty mule and donkey cards? We'll have some pictures of them on here, later in the week as well.

  5. I see Hasty Acres and the MBB's are at it again. Egg salad sounds absolutely ravishing. Of course, it should come with a delicious icy cold serving of milk.

    The fog nipped at the trees in the park this morning, until the sun came out and warmed off the fog. I noticed coyotes howling in the not too distant surroundings last night, amid the sirens and flashing lights of city traffic.

    Can you imagine - in the middle of the Denver Metropolis, coyotes howling?

    I'm never more amazed than snoozing in the big city.

    About those eggs.... I'll be home Tuesday night - maybe I'll stop by and get a dozen to go with my Whole Foods Market pickles?

  6. Aha! Denver speaks!

    You are always welcome Jan. A doz perfect eggs await pickup by your limo, Tues nite.

    Leave the Denver Denver please; they would go crazy with the sudden quiet here - too drastic a change! LOL

    Safe home.

    The BB's

  7. Carol,

    Looking over the comments shows I missed your question, I'm sorry.

    Thank you for your positive comment (I kinda prefer my girl's eggs to the store-bought too) though I think the brown eggs - particularly the free-ranging hens that get more bugs to eat(protein)are just a richer taste. What are your thoughts?

    Stop by any time. I enjoy hearing what Mr. Kiity is doing and admiring your newest jewelry creations.



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