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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Freedom trails; false alarm, this time

After receiving numerous calls from all the messages left at Senator Michael Bennett's office last Friday, it seems the bill S2099 is dead. As one clerk told me, "When a session of Congress closes, all bills that did not go into law are dead." S2099 died in committee in 2000.

For anyone following this, Bennett's office directed me to for any further information on bills. Seems one can find just about anything related to bills on this site.

FYI, Senator Mark Udall contacted a fellow blogger Jan Verhoeff and confirmed the same information on S2099 as Senator Bennett's office did above.

We all (yes, I've learned yet another lesson in responsibility), might check the Thomas site on a regular basis to keep abreast of legislation in progress. Being current with our information makes it of course, easier to make our voice heard...before the fact!

This human nature of ours is wondrous and deep and worthy of respect. Our capacity for learning and growth are unlimited.

Nature prevails.


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