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Friday, July 24, 2009

Graduation Trails

A family member graduated recently. We shared these words.

"Good strengths and energy along your journey. Remember that you are the only person you will/can ever be. So be your best in your own unique way.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone! Always be open to learn from others, but never compare yourself; it will distress you and sap your energy. Each and every person – even identical twins, are separately unique.

You will discover your strengths and your limitations as you progress down your road. Build on your strengths and use them with humility, because nothing and no one lasts forever, that wonderfulness might disappear tomorrow. Strengthen your limitations, when and where you can; but mostly - embrace and respect them. That respect and acceptance of yourself – of all and everything that is you, will energize and sustain you, and keep you strong.

Be ever so particular about the person you choose for your life partner. Make sure they can be your best and life-long friend. Chemistry can sometimes wane as you age, but friendship won’t. Friends hold you when you cry, stand by you when everyone else is gone, understand you in your anger, support you with your dreams, and respect and take care of you as age plays its horrid game.

A solid work ethic is a good and necessary precursor to any success as very little that is worthwhile, comes easily. But do schedule in some healthy fun and play into your days. It will energize you, keep you young and keep you smiling.

Work hard at holding hands with Nature. She affords us unlimited avenues of beauty and constant opportunity for learning and humility. Revere and respect her, and use stewardship with the Earth she provides.

Search your heart and spirit for a Creator of some sort, be it a higher power within you, Nature, or some other form of spirituality. It will sustain you in your hopeless moments when no human can; it will teach you a respect and understanding of the universe, a universe that can give and take life in the same breath, and seem unduly cruel at times. A spiritual belief system can engender your inner peace; it may be your leaning post, your inner strength when sometimes…life just doesn’t make good sense.

Love and care for yourself, your family and your friends, no matter how intolerable or unbearable they may seem at times. Love is not easy; contrary to modern culture, you do not fall in Love. Rather - you choose Love. And Love - real Love in any of it's myriad of forms, takes work, respect, energy, patience and perseverance. As elusive and beautiful as the hummingbird, Love is the glue of life. For the times when your human nature will abandon Love in favor of ego, always keep a hug and sincere I’m sorry available. Pride never won a war, but I’m sorry and a hug…are always a sure victory! You can’t buy these two treasures any where in the universe; but they are yours for the taking – anytime, anywhere. Don’t lose them. You will lose your way without them.

All creatures, no matter how small, are part of Nature and deserving of basic care and respect. How we choose to care for entities smaller/weaker than us is a direct statement about our capacity for Love, respect and understanding of the Universe.

Learn all the lessons afforded you along your journey, bar none! For it is only you and yourself that must ultimately dance to the music of life.

Take good care. Congratulations on your graduation, one of your first major accomplishments!"

As always, in youth and in age, Nature prevails.


  1. Danielle,
    Deep article. Well put. Guide to live by.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Oris - always a pleasure!

    Read an e-mail from a gal back east who loved your new e-book! Thought it was well written, touching and an easy read. I have to agree, you do have a way with nostalgia. Hope everyone gets the chance to do the same at

    Take care.



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