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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nostalgia Trails; Oris George

It's ready folks; push a few buttons and a touching, newly published e-book by Oris George is now available at

Oris George writes nostalgic stories of his boyhood, many years ago, when milk came directly from the cow out back, eggs were only as far away as the coop out back, and hours of chores to keep up all that entailed "out back", made up the responsible person that looked back at you in the mirror.

Life was not as easy then, but dinners and homemade apple pie were something to crow about, the grate in the corner of your bedroom in the old farmhouse grew you up sometimes, and strangers along the side of the road...became life-long friends.

THE MAN AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, by Oris George, will not only keep you turning the pages, but will also leave a warm and memorable footprint on your heart.

For $6.95, (temporary, introductory price), this e-book is a steal you don't want to miss.

As always...Nature prevails.


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