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Friday, January 4, 2013


As I live into this new year, 2013, changed in so many ways by the years and life I've journeyed through since 1983, the sentiments I embraced in this poem then, remain as brilliant and relevant as they did 30 years ago.

Each today is still as precious, as vibrant - as elusive and fleeting as was it will be tomorrow.

Grab the perfect moments in life.  Cherish the Love that surrounds us, that abounds in Nature, that can be found in every corner, every breath we exchange.

Happy New Year.


"Possess this day with awe and caring.
It is a gift given quickly and only once;
Stain it not with tears of regret.

Look to yesterday with reverence,
For it is a teacher - a wise one,
A pathway for tomorrow, a memory, a vision.

Tomorrow is also a vision, but without substance.
It is a dream, a wish, a story - yet to be told,
A feeling waiting to be birthed.

Yesterday passes,
Tomorrow waits;
Ah...but for today."

1983 (copyright, 1991)
 Danielle Simone 


Please enjoy the "aged" humor, after the invocation, in this totally unrelated - yet very funny video on the anecdotes of getting old.


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