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Sunday, January 20, 2013


"Life is a fleeting gesture...
a wisp of a cloud in a breeze,
a cresting wave in all it's height and glory,
a thunderclap in a passing storm...
...the screaming reverberation of a successful hunter's shot."  

The circle of life has yet again, embraced my mindset this week.  I've had the ultimate pleasure of several hugs...from strangers, as well as my priceless circle of friends who wore their angel wings with strength and uncanny Love.  These friends willingly offered continual support as I stumbled over a part of my journey that was - for a few days - filled with burning stones, sharp lessons and scary shadows. 

I looked into the wise yet human eyes of a caring doctor as he leaned over my dearest friend's tired and struggling body. 

I've screamed through the depths of my despair; I gained some solace through the hug and wise words of a very human and Loving clergyman whose strength and angel wings added energy and courage to my frightened, uncertain and oh too human, empty heart.

But most importantly...I've watched my dearest friend succumb to life's ability to drop him to his literal knees without warning...and maybe, without meaning. I watched his helplessness, his pain; I also watched in awe at his inner courage, fullness of heart and determination, his life-energy that perseveres through the hellacious road that life has tossed him on for several years.   I marvel at his tenacious soul, his faith in life, his ability to rebound and his loyalty to the caregivers he is blessed to know. I've absorbed the Love he still managed to share, even in his weakened, painful and tired state of being.

The circle of life is a mystery to which we all belong, all creatures - large and small...




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